29 January 2012

CALLING ALL MEN!: The Resolution.

A few days ago I received an interesting message on Facebook. One that caught my eye more so than the mundane political drivel I usually come across. The message came across saying "CALLING ALL MEN!" Well since I am a man, I figured I should read it, and I'm glad I did. So I decided to put this out there for whoever may not have ever seen this or heard about it. It truly is a call and a challenge to all men, and not one to be taken lightly. The message comes from the movie "Courageous", which I didn't watch until a few days after getting this message on Facebook. If you're a Dad, I highly recommend watching this movie! What a great message it sends. I don't want to give away any of the movie and I won't, but one part of it is "The Resolution." Something one of the characters comes up with after a traumatic experience and some serious reflecting on his life as a Christian and a Dad. Even though this "Resolution" comes from a Christian movie, it is something I feel that all men, and not just Dads, should seriously consider dedicating themselves to doing. But remember, as it was noted in the movie (and I believe it to be true); if you dedicate yourself to this, you will be held doubly accountable for it. It goes as follows:

"The Resolution
I do solemnly resolve before God to take full responsibility for myself, my wife and my children. I will love them, protect them, serve them, and teach them the Word of God as the spiritual leader of my home.
I will be faithful to my wife, to love and honor her, and be willing to lay down my life for her as Jesus Christ did for me.
I will bless my children and teach them to love God with all their heart, all their mind, and all their strength. I will train them to honor authority and live responsibly.
I will confront evil, pursue justice and love mercy. I will pray for others and treat them with kindness,  respect and compassion.
I will work diligently to provide for the needs of my family. I will learn from my mistakes, repent of my sins, and walk with integrity as a man answerable to God.
I will seek to honor God, be faithful to His Church, obey His Word, and do His Will. I will courageously work with the strength God provides to fulfill this resolution for the rest of my life and for His Glory.
'As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.' (Joshua 24:15).

If anyone chooses to dedicate themselves to this, please share it with your families and friends, and encourage other men to do the same. This world truly needs more Godly men with integrity who are parenting the next generation of men.

God bless you all and may the peace of God be with you through your lives.